Team PayInc Rejoices With One More Recognition for our CEO

“Today, when I look back in wonderment at the innumerable challenges that came my way, I take immense pride in being able to withstand and surmount all odds, with a single-minded passion to take all challenges head-on and, each time to move on with renewed vigour! The formation and success of PayInc has given me a perspective to understand and stand up to all the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in India.”
– Mr. Sumit Kumar Dash, CEO, PayInc Private Limited
In this latest issue of CIO Review India, our CEO, Mr. Sumit Kumar Dash elaborates on his entrepreneurial journey and how technology plays a major role in development and upliftment of any nation. He further adds that superior technology and rapid digitisation can assist entrepreneurs in their pursuit while making their dreams come one step closer to fulfilment. His passion and never give up spirit has been thoroughly applauded and appreciated in this article. The unique value offered by PayInc: Its subscription based FinTech software is spoken of at length and the audience is informed of how it can change the way FinTech startups take the first step towards their journey. To read the entire article, refer to the link below: