Subscription based FinTech software

Subscription-based FinTech software

Setting up a FinTech Company is often an expensive exercise. Bringing together software engineers, server costs and maintenance of the existing systems often costs companies a fortune. Our team at PayInc has a rich combined relevant experience of over 60+ years in the Financial Services Space and continue to enhance their exposure to the industry by continuously interacting and gaining feedback from our clients. Understanding this major problem of staying relevant in a crowded industry, discorages budding entrepreneurs from starting their own ventures. To enable entrepreneurs overcome this roadblock our experts decided to make it more affordable for entrepreneurs.

We at PayInc therefore designed and innovated fully customizable pocket friendly FinTech Softwares which can be availed of, based on a subscription model. Rather than spending lakhs on developing a software from scratch, we at PayInc offer the best software with subscriptions starting from as affordable as, Rs. 15,000 only ! You need to simply choose the features you desire to deploy best suiting your Business Model and, select from a wide range of subscription plans available with PayInc and, get started with our ready to deploy software, within just 24 hours of connecting with us !

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