Mehejabeen Akil Shaikh
Head – Business Operations

Mehejabeen Akil Shaikh is a young and dynamic customer service expert with significant expertise in CIBIL Counseling and was even acknowledged as the best CIBIL Counsellor in December 2019. Graduating from Mumbai University with Zoology as a major, Mehejabeen possesses nine years of experience primarily in the FinTech space, having worked with companies that had ventured into the area long before digital payments had taken a leap in our country. She also has expertise in handling escalations and customer complaints, mainly owing to her seven long years of experience in Customer Service. Mehejabeen has been an excellent academician with her consistent performance throughout her education. She possesses an exceptional knack for learning, and that helped her on her journey to become a Business Operations head within just seven years.

In those seven years, she has worked for some big names like Money-On-Mobile, Oppo Mobiles, Intelenet Global Services, Credit Bazaar and Sterling. Refining and upgrading her skills, she moved through the corporate ladder to become the Senior Customer Executive for an esteemed company such as Barclays Bank. Her mastery of handling customer issues and escalations even won her top performer award for two consecutive quarters. She is tech-savvy and is often found assisting her peers with their technical problems. Apart from being a thorough professional, Mehejabeen also possesses humanitarian qualities, which is evident from her association with Eduworld Foundation, which assists needy and deserving students with coaching, study materials and admission fees.

Mehejabeen joined PayInc in 2021 as the head of Business Operations and has been an integral part of this organization since then. Adept at multitasking, Mehejabeen has the ability to handle multiple responsibilities with ease. She has helped the organizations where she has worked to resolve complicated issues. Her vision is to revolutionize the way customer handling is done within the industry, and it is commendable to possess such a vision at such a young age.

She is an avid reader as well and loves to spend time with friends. Mehejabeen is a very easy-to-approach person who has the essential quality of listening empathetically and actively. Besides helping needy students, she is also very fond of animals and contributes graciously to several animal welfare associations. Having attained so much at such a young age, Mehejabeen hardly demonstrates pride or ego as she believes it is imperative for people to stick to their roots and always stay grounded. At PayInc, she has been an asset in handling business operations, maintaining office decorum or tackling complex client issues, contributing immensely to the company’s growth.