Anindita Mitra Mazumder
Head – Human Resources

Ms Anindita Mitra Mazumder is an MBA graduate with a specialisation in Systems and Human Resources from the prestigious Institute of Business Management and Research. Her keen interest in the field and her impeccable people skills yielded her the position of Recruitment Executive at Big leap HR Solutions. Due to her excellent demeanour and professional skills, she quickly gained recognition in her field, and her career grew at the same pace. During her six years of working in the area, Anindita has worked with a number of HR consultancies, IT companies and FinTech Companies in the position of Senior Recruiter and Human Resources Head. She had successfully driven many Human Resource oriented campaigns during her tenure at these organisations. She had brought about considerable changes in the Retention rate and satisfaction of the employees of the organisations.

Anindita was actively involved in bringing about policy reforms for the employees and constantly worked on enhancing systems and processes to reduce the costs of recruitment and smoothen the entire onboarding process for new joiners. She specialises in Human Resources, End to End Recruitment and a number of other verticals in the field. Anindita is a true team player and is adored by everyone in her team. Her exceptional interpersonal skills ensure that she makes an impact on everyone she interacts with.

Anindita is a true professional who does not rest until she finishes her work and delivers quality output every time. She is a perfectionist and diligent with every task she is allocated with. These qualities of Anindita make her the go-to person for all the employees as they get guaranteed timely and practical solutions to whichever problem they take to her. Her experience in the FinTech and software development space makes her a perfect fit to understand the intricacies of the field to help the employees better. She is a cherished individual who is instantly liked by anyone she interacts with and is known to have developed a special bond with everyone she interacts with.