Amiya Satpathy
Co-Founder & CFO

Mr Amiya Satpathy has graduated from Sambalpur University, Orissa, with a diploma in Computer Applications from SET-Z. From his graduation days, he was always interested in managing numbers and understanding how vital finance is for a business and how can it be put to the best use of any company. His passion and motivation for finance, combined with his inquisitiveness toward computers and enabling automated financial systems, made him work in essential roles like Team Leader from early on in his career. With his growing experience, innovation and efficiency, Mr Amiya has had a very successful career trajectory with a number of major companies in India.

Mr Amiya’s curious nature made him acquire a variety of skills during his professional life; he is a Cisco Certified Network associate with a deep understanding of Web Services and SQL. He has also led a number of innovative projects in which he was actively involved in deploying brand new software solutions for his clients. This background of Amiya not only helped him polish his computer skills but also gave him deep insights into how financing plays a significant role in the long-term survival and success of any business.

With this experience to back him, Amiya co-founded PayInc Private Limited in 2019. He is now actively involved in handling the finances of the company while ensuring the overall well-being of the organisation. Amiya specialises in Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Digitisation of Finance, Investment Analysis and maintaining healthy relationships with the stakeholders. Over the years, Amiya has helped PayInc meet all its goals by continually establishing KPIs, measuring performances and having strategies in place for each problem that came our way. He has been actively involved in maintaining healthy relationships with our stakeholders and, above all, ensuring that PayInc maintains its stance in the industry by continuously strategising and making new plans for the company.

Amiya is not just someone who works with numbers all day; he is the go-to person for everyone at PayInc. He is highly spoken of by his peers and is known to be the best person to seek advice from. Amiya is an inspiration for everyone at PayInc owing to his calm demeanour and the grace with which he carries out his responsibilities.