Prasanna Kumar Biswal
Finance Controller

Prasanna Kumar Biswal is a specialist in Finance related Operations such as Cash Management, Accounting and related fields. He completed his graduation from Sambalpur University in 2008. Prasanna specializes in ERP systems and Accounting software solutions like Accounting Package 7.2. With an aspiration to work in a competitive environment, Prasanna started as a Junior Officer at HDB Financial Services Ltd Wholesale Banking Operation (WBO), which is a part of HDFC Bank Ltd. After working there for three years, Prasanna then went on to work with the coveted Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Company as Cashier and proved his mettle. He has established his skills in every position he has held in his previous companies demonstrating competency in profiles such as Clearing operations, Retail Asset Operations and Retail Liability Operations. With this combined skillset, Prasanna possesses unique capabilities that add immense value to the company.

He is an enthusiastic reader as well, with his primary interest being newspaper reading, which shows he prefers to stay up to date with all that’s happening around the world. Prasanna firmly believes that no matter which field we are in, knowing about the world we live in is essential and crucial because it helps enhance our personal as well as professional experience.

In 2021, Prasanna joined the PayInc team and brought with him more than six years of experience in core financial management. He is someone who loves his job and takes pride in fulfilling every single responsibility that is bestowed upon him. Among his many responsibilities, a few include verifying, allocating, posting and reconciling accounts payable and receivable, producing error-free accounting reports and coming up with their results, spotting errors and suggesting ways to enhance efficiency, assisting with tax audits, directing internal and external audits to ensure compliance. Apart from that, Prasanna goes out of his way to help a colleague, a junior and even a janitor whenever he sees them in any kind of trouble. This is the reason why he commands respect from not just his subordinates but the senior executives as well. Despite possessing such immense experience, Prasanna has this quality of being grounded and humble to every person in the organization. In his brief span of just eight months, Prasanna has been able to deliver quality work and added immense value to the organization.