Subscription based FinTech software

Setting up a FinTech company is often an expensive experience.  Bringing together software engineers, managing server costs and maintenance, often costs a fortune. In order to make this affair affordable, we offer to build fully customizable software which can be used based on a subscription plan. Rather than spending lakhs on developing a software from scratch, we at PayInc offer the best software with subscriptions starting from as low as Rs. 15,000 only.

Customised software for any business

We also provide software solutions to help digitize and ensure effective management of every type of organization. Be it Logistics Management, School Management, Payroll management or any requirement of yours, we have a dedicated business software solution which can be fully customized as per your needs.

API Solutions

As a part of PayInc Connect, we also offer the best-in-class API solutions for your business, we can provide API services like:

  • API to get Operator and Circle information from a Mobile Number.
  • API to get Plans available for a Mobile Number.
  • API to extract account information from any DTH Service Provider.
  • API to retrieve bill details of any utility account such as electricity, gas, water, municipality bill, etc.
  • API to receive Insurance Premium.  
  • API to Recharge Mobiles.

Software Consultancy Services

In case of requirement of any Software Consultancy Services; our experienced team is always ready to help you out. Avail of our consultancy services for software and attain greater heights for your businesses at minimal costs.

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