Our CEO, Our Pride !

With great pleasure, we would like to share with you, a moment of immense joy for all of us at PayInc !

Our CEO, Mr. Sumit Kumar Dash has been awarded the title of
“ 10 Most Young and Visionary Business Leaders to Follow”, by The Innerreview Magazine.

Innerreview is a leading Business magazine that highlights the achievements of entrepreneurs and their companies while laying emphasis on the innovative practices and offerings of businesses that help them disrupt the existing market scenario. Innerreview is a platform for all types of professionals to bring into the limelight their innovations in the style of undertaking their business activities and delivering collaborative yet effective solutions into the market.

In this edition of the Innerreview Magazine, Mr. Sumit Kumar Dash shares with us an insight about his entrepreneurial journey. He elaborates about the thought process behind the establishment of PayInc Private Limited, the challenges he has faced and what kept him motivated to make a mark for himself and his Dream Project, PayInc Private Ltd., in an already crowded marketplace. Sumit talks about how entrepreneurship has evolved into a dream for everyone in India to pursue and chase and, how technology can act as a catalyst in the growth of our nation and how it is imperative to keep this entrepreneurial spirit alive, against all odds!

In this candid interview with the magazine, Sumit for the first time opens up about what challenges he surmounted with his undaunted motivation of realising his cherished dream of making a difference with his niche innovations ! Sumit also shares how his initial trials and tribulations made his resolute even more stronger. He further discusses his vision for PayInc and how it has played a major role in evolving him to be the Leader of repute, he is today. To get a sneak peek about what goes on behind the curtains, at PayInc, we invite you to read the entire interview here: